New Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener Repair & Replacement

Most garage door openers are built to last a long time. The motor and housing are typically quite sturdy. If anything does break, it is likely to be a gear that is designed to break under stress, for safety reasons. Replacing that one gear will usually be much less expensive than buying a new opener.

Repair usually costs less. On the other hand, new openers are better than ever.

The PDS800 or PDS900 are good examples of advanced opener technology. LED lighting and reduced stand-by consumption make the PDS800 and PDS900 the most efficient residential garage door openers available. Even more, its direct current (DC) Smart Motor, coupled with a belt drive system, ensures an amazingly quiet operation.


When you schedule a service appointment with Precision Garage Door of NC, a professional, uniformed technician will arrive at your home in a fully stocked truck. This ensures that at every appointment – whether the technician needs to fix broken cables, openers, springs, or other garage door problems – the necessary tools will be available. We don’t waste your time misdiagnosing the issue, waiting for parts, or arranging additional service appointments.

We service all of the Triad in North Carolina. For more information or to schedule a service visit, give us a call!

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